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Uzbekistan Day 5: Tandoori Lamb and Full Tour of Ancient Bukhara, Uzbekistan!

From Samarkand, we drove to Bukhara, another ancient and well preserved city in Uzbekistan. What’s great about Bukhara is that it’s an entire ancient city that was important on the Silk Road that’s well preserved and still functioning.

Kolkhoznyy Rynok Bazaar – Ravshan ( who I’ve been traveling with in Uzbekistan is originally from Bukhara, so he was a great person to be with. We started in the morning, along with Bekruz for breakfast at the bazaar. We bought honey and kaymak then some very kind ladies at the bread market invited us to sit at their table. A perfect Uzbek breakfast to get the day started.

Great Minaret of the Kalon – Dating back to the 12th century, without a doubt, the Great Minaret of Kalon is a landmark in Bukhara. Even Genghis Khan, while in the process of destroying much of Bukhara, spared the minaret because of its vast beauty. It truly is spectacular.

Chor Bakr Restaurant – But we were very interested in a local Bukhara food speciality, tandoori lamb. So we drove out to Chor Bakr Restaurant, who prepare about 100 kg. of tandoori lamb for lunch. And luckily we arrived right as they were pulling it out of the oven!
Price per plate – 75,000 UZS ($9.08)

Magistral Plov Center – As I’ve learned and probably you have too, you can’t visit a city in Uzbekistan without having plov, the national dish and ultimate dish of Uzbekistan. For this version we had Bukhara plov, quite a bit more meaty than the Samarkand version, and loaded with sheep butt.

Bolo Hauz Mosque – Another beautiful sight in Bukhara is Bolo Hauz Mosque with its impressive wooden entrance area. And across the street from the mosque you’ll find Bolo Xauz Teahouse, a nice little tea house where we had a tea and snack and just relaxed for a minute. Lastly for our sightseeing of the day in Bukhara, we climbed to the top of The Ark Fortress, a huge fortified palace in Bukhara near the old city.

Labi Hovuz Restaurant – For dinner we ate at one of Bukhara’s most legendary restaurants, located in the old public square. The ambiance was great, and the hearty lamb and potato soup cooked in clay pots was delicious.

It was another wonderful day and learning experience in Uzbekistan.

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Big thank you to Bekruz and the Ministry of Tourism Uzbekistan for arranging my trip to Uzbekistan.


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