UBM Hotel Review – Perundhurai – Virundhu


UBM hotel Perundhurai was one of the kind. The food was good. My favorite was Fish thokku, Turkey, narrow bone. I loved the food. The service was different. They follow the Tamil tradition throughout the course.

The first feel i was touched by this place is their warm welcome which signifies that of a homely touch. The so called appa and amma of that place greets us with the tamil tradition then the food is served.

The dish has a varied different cuisines of south india mainly chettinad foods. The menu holds all kind of mainstream non veg dishes ranging from chicken curry,fish curry,quail fry,fish fry,biryani,mutton gravy,turkey masala and it goes on and one big spotlight of this place is everything is unlimited.

The place is tightly packed with guests from all over tamilnadu and even from outer places like bangalore.

finally what i feel is it is one of the best restaurant which treats your taste buds and its a great place for food lovers especially if you are non vegetarian.

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