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Just like anywhere else in India, the street food scenario in Hyderabad is quite vibrant and varied. The food available on its streets varies from the pan Indian favourites like Pav Bhajis to regional favourites like the Dosas. However an important offshoot of this street side food culture is the tiffin centres that are a ubiquitous phenomenon all over the city .

These are modest vegetarian eateries that provide simple, affordable, hearty and filling breakfast or post lunch meals to the hungry souls. They generally serve the popular South Indian vegetarian fares like fluffy idlis, golden dosas, spicy vadas, irresistible bhajis or fritters etc. to the discerning masses. Its a boon for those who are either keen enthusiasts of such amazing street side treat or who don’t have the scope to partake a proper homemade meal.

So in this concluding episode of our Hyderabad Street Food tour, our foodie duo Anubhav Sapra and Sankalp Vishnu bring you a tempting expedition to one of the most popular tiffin centres in the city, the Purna Tiffins.

Sankalp told us that this unassuming tiffin centre serves the most divine idlis and other South Indian tiffin items. And he was absolutely right in his claim. From the very first morsel, we got the cue that our quest to eat at the best tiffin centre has led us to the right place. Here we tried the Punugulu, Stuffed Mirchi Bhajis, Vades, the sensational Babai Idlis and the unique Upma dosa along with the most lip smacking range of chutneys.

The star of the meal was the Babai idlis which was essentially plain idlis sprinkled with a liberal amount of Karam Podi and splattered with generous amount of ghee. It was fresh, hot, soft, distinctly flavourful and simply divine. Among the chutneys that accompanied all the delicacies, the sweet and sour allum or the ginger chutney was the delicious best. If you can't resist the sight of a South Indian snacks then this place is a must visit.

We thank our amazing host Sankalp Bhai for treating us to such scrumptious tiffin delicacies in Hyderabad

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About the host - Anubhav Sapra:

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