Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai | Food Paradise of every Non-Vegetarian Foodie | Indian Street Food 2019

As the sun sets… and the time for Iftar nears, the ever-bustling street of Mohammed Ali road in Mumbai comes alive. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more amazing videos.

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Luminous, noisy and encompassed with an alluring aroma of food, it is not hard to locate this food paradise. Try lip-smacking Ramadan Special street food from Nalli Niharis, Shawarmas, Kebabs, and Tikkas to Firnis, Mawa Jalebis, Ice Creams, and Rabdi Malpuas, you can find almost everything at this Biggest Iftar Market. It doesn't matter whether you are observing the fast or not, when you arrive here, you will be greeted with a tempting sight of Rumali Rotis spinning in the air; chicken tikkas in green, red and saffron hanging from the roofs; food being prepared in handis and on tawas. From Mumbai's most iconic non-veg hub - Bademiya to the sweet haven- Suleman Usman Mithaiwala, the whole street is full of vendors waiting to serve you with their delicious preparation.

Find some unique treats here that can be found only during Ramadan. Malpua a common sweet dish in North India, but the kind made during Ramadan at Mohammed Ali road is a blessing in its every morsel. Fried with eggs and dipped in sugar syrup these Malpuas are a crowd puller. Enjoy them piping hot from Noorani Sweets for INR 180. Binge eat on other Ramadan special delicacies as you food walk through Mohammed Ali Road.

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