Khaja/Chirote Crispy Sweet Recipe खाजा बनाने विधि Amazing Indian Cooking - Indian Street Food

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Watch making of Indian special Sweet dish "Khaja/Chirote".

Khaja is a dessert from the eastern India and is mostly popular in the states of Odisha, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Refined wheat flour with sugar is made into layered dough, with or without dry fruit or other stuffing, and lightly fried in oil to make khaja.

Khajas is a baklava-like dessert, and is prepared and sold in Odisha and other parts of eastern India. Khajas of the Silao and Rajgir are known for their puffiness. The batter is prepared from wheat flour, mawa and oil. It is then deep fried until crisp. Then a sugar syrup is made which is known as "Paga". The crisp croissants are then soaked in the sugar syrup until they absorb the sugar syrup.

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