Best Butter Chicken In Delhi at Havemore, Pandara Road | Best Indian Food | Served #15

We love butter chicken. And that is apparent with the number of videos we make on this iconic dish! For the latest episode of Served, Shashank heads to Havemore in Pandara Road which serves one of the best butter chicken in Delhi!

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EatTreat Rating: 4 stars (out of 5 stars)

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More about Havemore Pandara Road & its Butter Chicken:
Pandara Road near Connaught Place is known for its iconic eateries. With hoards of families visiting this place, it’s almost impossible to get a seat at any of these restaurants during the weekend without any waiting! Located right next to the famous Gulati’s, Havemore is one of the favourite eateries in Pandara Road. In fact, some even argue that their food is more flavourful than that of Gulati, and there is a distinctive divide between the fans of the two restaurants. As the name suggests, the restaurant's clear motive is to make everyone “have more” or indulge in the delicious Mughlai fare they have to offer in their menu.

Besides its butter chicken, Havemore is also famous for their Mutton Burra, Mutton Korma, Dal Makhani, Paneer Tikka, Keema Naan, Murgh Platter & Garlic Naan!

So, if you love butter chicken and are around Delhi, you know where to head!

Address: Pandara Market, 11-12, Barda Ukil Marg, Pandara Flat s, India Gate, New Delhi –110003

Price of 1 Full Butter Chicken: Rs.850

More about Served:
EatTreat brings to you an exclusive series – Served, where we serve expert food reviews and iconic dishes & restaurants to you guys! Whether it is a legendary restaurant, or a famous street food outlet, or a hidden gem, we’ll travel across the city to bring to you the best of Indian street food, local restaurants and much more. This is an opinionated series around the local history and the amazing backgrounds of Indian dishes, restaurants and people.

Presenter: Shashank Angiras, our happy-go-lucky food guru who is driven by a burning curiosity for facts & history and is on a mission to bring you the best of all things food in your city!

(PSA: The ratings in this series are only for the food we eat and not for the service, ambience and other external factors)

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